Library 2.0

Just a quick note to say how excited I am to be heading out today to the Library 2.0 Symposium, hosted by Yale Law School.  The organizers have graciously invited me to present a version of my work-in-progress on the Amazon Kindle e-reader, which is an outgrowth of The Late Age of Print. The piece is called “Kindle: The Labor of Reading in an Age of Ubiquitous Bookselling,” and the latest draft is hosted here on my wiki site:  Comments are of course welcome and encouraged.

I plan on posting some sort  of report about the Symposium early next week, so be sure to check back then.



  1. Erik J. says:

    Is there any chance that you’d consider making your book available in an online format (sort of like this essay as you’ve put it up)? I’ve noticed that others who you link to (L. Lessig, e.g.) have convinced their publishers to let them do it. Maybe it’s not possible with a university press, though. It seems like some sort of arrangement would fit the book’s topic.

    • Ted Striphas says:

      Hi Erik,

      Thanks for your inquiry. A free PDF version of Late Age of Print will be available soon under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (BY-SA-NC) license. I hope to be able to announce its release here within a matter of weeks. Stay tuned!

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